Sporty girl Rebecca G lets you watch her undress in the changing rooms

You’ve had a thing for Rebecca G for as long as you can remember and you know today she’s just finished her hockey game so you think fuck it and go in to the changing room and you tell her straight up you want to see her get changed. You’ve heard that she’s a bit of a show off and a slut so you new you was in with a shout.

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Rebecca¬† doesn’t have a problem with you watching her get changed in fact she seems quite pleased and even does a sexy little dance for you. First removing her tight little shorts and then her black laced panties. You can see just how tight her sporty little ass is as she shakes naked in front of you. You can feel your cock twitching in your shorts. She leave her shirt on to tease you a for a while and then¬† that too is removed to let her large breasts be drooled over.

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